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Mutley the Driveljournal

Meanders that Rankle.

28 September
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I'm a commercial illustrator, itinerant 'mo and crapulent dilletante who is less adept at convincing people that I know what they are talking about than I believe I really am.

I dump a fair range of my work, general and personal scribbles in this journal, whilst simultaneously talking a great deal about nothing too. At this point I'd also like to note that that isn't my dog.

I like to cook, drink and shoot zombies, but not necessarily in that order. It's usually starts with the drinking.

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The Adapted Files of Dr. Hektor Spektor.
Download: FREE
This is an adaptation parodying an issue of The Occult Files of Dr. Spektor - a Gold Key comic printed in 1975.
It's close to the funniest thing I've done to date. It's padded out with two whole pages of charicatures and one whole page of denial of responsibility

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A Deck With No Suits.
Print: $18.00
A book of charicatures based on a deck of cards containing the nadir of erotic male nude photography.
A brief précis of the artist's disgust with each card is included.

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November Spawned A Monster.
Print: $18.99
November spawned a monster in the shape of this book. Collected from one month dedicated to drawing at least one monster, creature or phantasm from myth, legend, television, literature or hearsay per day. Nigh forty fantabulous creations with a minimum of at least one sentence of droll commentary with each apparition! Positively glowing examples of the artwork contained within can be previewed at http://mutleyjames.livejournal.com/

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.
Snapshots from the Abyss.
Print: $24.00

The very small part of the pie chart where art, comics, photography and humour all intersect is very small indeed. This is my wedge. The worst of my photography caricatured to within an inch of it's life! Just to prove the point that photography and technology don't mix, the cover preview looks like it's printed on a cable knit jumper, but it's not. It's much sexier than that.